This page offers up free goodies that are related to any ByND
games.  AND sometimes not related, I guess.  Enjoy!
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Just to clarify, any of the art assets(sprites sheets, animations, tiles sets) I put up for display on here are free to be used
commercially, just give me proper credit if you use them.  If you have any questions or concerns, shoot me a mail at
Here are some sprites and tiles I created for a job posting at YoYo Games.  They are in PNG format and
arranged in 32x32 strips, except for the GIF versions obviously.  Use them freely if you like, just give me
some proper credit when you do.
Shiny Diamond
Rusty Gate
Gobby Punch
Gobby Die
Gobby Idle
Gobby Jump
Gobby Move
Gobby Ouch
Gobby Punch Wave
Gold Pile
Knight Attack
Knight Die
Knight Idle
Knight Jump
Knight Move
Knight Ouch
Knight Attack Wave
Rat Bite
Rat Die
Rat Idle
Rat Jump
Rat Move
Rat Ouch
Rat Bite Wave
Treasure Chester
Steamin' Turkey Leg
The following are 32x32 tile sets.  Actually, some of them can be used as 16x16 as well.