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-Jan 3, 2015
Happy new year folks. I'm doing fine over here, pumping out work for
TGWD was greenlit on Steam a few days ago, so that's on the
agenda as well. Check that
Facebook link to the left for more current
info. Thanks for stopping by.

-July 31, 2014
The zombie and skeleton from the Free Stuff page have been taken down
since they're part of a few art packages I have for sale through the
Gamemaker Marketplace.

-June 21,2014
Zombie added to the
Free Stuff page. Have at it.

-June 7, 2014
Skeleton added to the
Free Stuff section. Enjoy!

-May 30, 2014
Got a new build of
Volatus Corpus up. It's been a while.

-May 24, 2014
Damn it's been a while. I've been working with some folk on a project I can't talk about.
Mystery abounds. I'm still working on Volatus Corpus when I have the energy and spare
time. I'm killing the blog, because I don't care to do that. I'll still post shit to Facebook
though. Thanks for stopping by. :)

-July 19, 2013
Volatus Corpus updated.
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